Hincoo Power offers multiple energy storage power supply and energy storage solutions for household, industrial, and commercial use. 

 Founded in 2013 with a primary focus on lithium battery sales, we have evolved into a large-scale business that integrates R&D, production, and sales for lithium battery energy storage power systems. 

 Our main products include high-voltage battery modules, battery clusters, light-storage charging microgrids, and massive energy storage power stations. Hincoo Energy Storage Battery enables energy from renewables, including solar and wind power, stored and then delivered when necessary to augment the power supply.


Why Hincoo Power? 

Most Advanced

Hincoo Power offers comprehensive solutions that hugely augment the peak power shortage, given the development of the local economy, industry, and commerce. It has supported the rapid growth of the economy and society.

Our power station has a 12,000-sqm factory that houses metal, plastic, and mold fabrication studio as well as cutting-edge equipment, all built in accordance with national standards. We have the most advanced production technology, manned and supervised by top technical talents in the industry. 

Our clients benefit from years of experience and capability, coupled with our unparalleled client support. We offer utmost flexibility, creating infinite opportunities for our partners. This is precisely why you should choose Hincoo Power.

    Products and Solutions 

Hincoo portable energy storage power supply has multiple power ports that allow it to power a range of gadgets and devices. Our energy storage battery module is a scalable, stable, and reliable battery product. 

Energy storage system is integrated with wind power and photovoltaic power generation.

Lithium has designed multiple new energy power battery products used in a variety of fields, including those involving two- and three-wheeled vehicles, recreational vehicles, trolleybuses, forklifts,  intelligent power supplies, lead-to-lithium, robots, among others.

energy Storage Solutions




Hincoo Power provides product customization from traditional to new energy battery products. With our extensive experience in the lithium battery industry and our own professional power system PACK factories based in Dongguan and Huzhou, you can be assured that you will get only the best and most reliable energy storage power systems.

energy Storage Solutions
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