The battery energy storage is hot when charging, so pay attention!

Why the battery energy storage is hot during charging?

Long-term battery energy storage use can cause the charging to become hot due to improper operation, environmental factors, or the battery itself. At this time, the internal heat generates greater than the heat dissipation, and the internal materials of the battery will destroy to varying degrees, and the cycle becomes a vicious circle.

So using it for too long, or even just buying a new battery (due to issues with design and materials or how it stores before it was sold) may cause the battery to become hot while charging.

1. Lack of electrolyte

battery energy storage

2. Battery aging damage

The aging of the battery, the increase of the internal resistance, the drying of the electrolyte, the internal short circuit, etc., will cause heat generation. As the battery uses, the water molecules in the battery are gradually lost, causing the battery to heat up during the electrochemical reaction (charging).

3. Mixed charger

Mixing chargers for electric vehicles will also cause the battery to heat up during charging. For example, if the battery is 48V, but a 60V charger uses, the voltage does not match, which will cause massive pressure on the battery. When the internal temperature of the battery rises, it will deform quickly.

4. Charger Failure

Public chargers have no pulse function and no negative pulse depolarization function. Such chargers usually cannot maintain constant voltage in the later charging stage. The battery voltage exceeds the allowable value, resulting in a large amount of gas evolution, water loss, and heat generation in the battery.

At the same time, the damage to the battery by the not equal charger is also easy to see. The charger with the inferior parameters does not match the battery, which makes the battery charge too much, the time is too long, the battery loses water seriously, and it is easily out of shape.

The above are some of the main reasons why the battery of an electric vehicle becomes hot during the charging process. The editor warmly reminds us that when the electric vehicle’s battery is hot, you should stop charging immediately and not disassemble the battery and replenish the electrolyte at will. It is necessary to find a professional for inspection first and check whether the battery “lacks liquid” and internal aging to prevent the battery energy storage from bulging rapidly or entirely failing.