Industrial and Commercial ESS

The peak-to-valley difference exhibited by the load curve increases with economic growth and societal progress. 

Hincoo Power’s industrial and commercial energy storage solutions can massively improve the effectiveness of the

 peak power shortage with the development of the local economy, industry, and commerce. It can also advance and support both economic and social progress. 


  •  Modular design – easy to install, transfer, transport, and troubleshoot

  • Connected bus that allows scaling and organization 

  • Easily accessible, flexible, and diverse

                             Safe and Reliable   

  • Smooth switch between on-grid and off-grid to guarantee power supply for key loads
  • Thorough and full-scale monitoring  on the cloud side and terminal with responsive fault alarm
  • AI intelligent functionality to refine thermal management capabilities
  • Multi-layered protection, quick fault  isolation 
  • Boost power quality and support  power supply when  the grid is erratic

System Structure Diagram

Hincoo Power lithium battery diagram