6v Lithium Battery

24v Lithium ion Battery


Rated Electricity38.4KWh
Rated battery capacity86Ah
Rated voltage409.6V
Charging current86A
Discharge current86A
Serial and parallel16S1P
Communication methodCAN 2.0

6v Lithium Battery

Hincoo 6v lithium battery module is a scalable, stable, and also reliable battery product. It adopts an integrated home appliance design, which is exquisite and beautiful, easy to install, equipped with a long-life lithium-ion battery, provides photovoltaic array access, and can provide electricity for residences, public facilities, small factories, etc.

Great Performance

Up to 98% charge and discharge efficiency

Safe & Reliable

Battery Management System that passed car standards

Easy To Use

User-friendly interface

Adjustable configuration

Connect multiple units in series