Lithium-ion Battery 100ah

Lithium ion Battery 100ah


Rated Electricity    49.4KWh
Rated battery capacity    206Ah
Rated voltage    48V
Charging current    100A
Discharge current    100A
Serial and parallel    75S1P

Lithium-ion Battery 100ah

Hincoo Lithium-ion Battery 12v 100ah  module is a scalable, stable, and also reliable battery product. It adopts an integrated home appliance design, which is exquisite and beautiful, easy to install, equipped with a long-life lithium-ion battery, provides photovoltaic array access, and can provide electricity for residences, public facilities, small factories, etc.

Great Performance

Up to 98% charge and discharge efficiency

Safe & Reliable

Battery Management System that passed car standards

Easy To Use

User-friendly interface

Adjustable configuration

Connect multiple units in series