How Useful is the RV Reserve Power Supply?

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In recent years, self-driving travel, as a new way of travel, has brought a personalized travel experience to tourists with its advantages of convenience, flexibility, and comfort. In self-driving travel, RV reserve power rental is popular among tourists, especially young people. People’s favorite, so it has become a popular travel choice. 

Traveling with an RV is equivalent to letting you bring a “mobile home” – kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, everything, “all-inclusive car,”

Which greatly enhances the sense of travel experience.

The power system of the RV consists of three parts: 12V DC, 220V AC, and the RV walking system (12V). 12V DC is the common power and reserve power supply for RVs. Many RVs in China directly convert most of the electrical appliances in the car to “12V”. There are two main charging modes of car generator and external power, and solar energy and wind energy act as auxiliary charging.

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The RV’s life battery stores electrical energy, generally a deep-cycle large-capacity battery or a battery pack. In the charging state, the RV reserves the power and preferentially uses it, while in the non-charging state, the RV uses battery output power. Domestic RVs will also invert the 12V power supply to 220V through the inverter for the benefit of 220V electrical appliances, which is relatively rare in foreign RVs. However, the continuous output cannot be achieved due to the low power storage. The RV reserve power supply can solve this problem very well, and external charging can meet the regular use of high-power electrical appliances inside the RV.

220V  RV reserve power

The development of my country’s RV industry is still in its infancy, and various RV designs result in different conventional voltages. For example, the charging voltage and living voltage of RVs imported from the United States and Japan are 110V and 60Hz, while in my country are 220V and 50Hz. The standard voltage of available vehicles is 12V. Some models use 24V voltage as the conventional power supply in the car because they choose the site of large commercial vehicles for modification.

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