Tips on how to make the power station last

power station

The mobile power station is similar to portable generators. Your phone, power tools, and other electrical devices are all kept charged and functional by them. These little power banks are transportable and can be useful for job sites, camping trips, or any other location where electricity is needed. You can also use them as backup […]

How to make ternary batteries safe to use?

Ternanry lithium battery

The ternary lithium battery is a ternary lithium battery because its positive electrode material uses a ternary polymer containing three metal elements of nickel, cobalt, and manganese (or aluminum). The ternary of the ternary lithium battery refers to the three elements of nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) manganese (Mn). Among these three elements, nickel and cobalt are […]

The battery energy storage is hot when charging, so pay attention!

The battery is hot when charging

Why the battery energy storage is hot during charging? Long-term battery energy storage use can cause the charging to become hot due to improper operation, environmental factors, or the battery itself. At this time, the internal heat generates greater than the heat dissipation, and the internal materials of the battery will destroy to varying degrees, […]

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of lithium soft pack battery


Lithium soft pack battery packaging often includes cylindrical winding, square winding, and square stacking. 1. Cylindrical winding That is a cylindrical battery, which is a classical soft pack battery configuration. The monomer comprises positive and negative electrodes, separators, positive and negative electrode collectors, safety valves, overcurrent protection devices, insulators, and shells. There were many steel shells […]

Can your battery energy display the power level?

car battery

Facts on the lithium battery energy power level display. Overcharging the lithium battery of an electric vehicle can cause the power level battery energy to heat up, swell and even cause the lithium battery display to explode. In the process of removing the lithium battery and charging, if you can directly observe the charging amount, you […]